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Gamification and a “Game in the Game”

Besides gamification at the casino, so there will also be more and more games in the game. This trend will likely dominate game development 2017, at least for the slots. How it works in practice is that functions like points, badges and rewards –  can be used directly in the game while you play. This is a more innovative way to entertain yourself with gaming machines; and something more and more new game developers will start to implement further on. The entire gaming experience will be more fun thanks to the games inside the games or (gamification) that gives you a reward for doing certain things in the game.

gameDuring discussions with some leading established online casinos, it has also been shown that some will develop their very own type of game, to stand out and be a bit unique from the competition. By doing this, they will be able to use the latest technology from the; beginning so they can have a certain advantage over the older game makers, who have to work a little extra to keep up. So 2017 could be the year that casino sites are actually starting tom make their very own games “in-house” so to speak.

Slot competitions between players

Until now it has been almost impossible to compete against friends and family in new online casinos; except for in certain special competitions. But in 2017 you will be able to bid on actual events where it is possible to challenge either friends or other online players who yo don’t known from the start. The winner will get the whole pot – for a short or longer challenge that is determined in advance. It will be possible to choose this type of challenges prominent casino platforms and there are some others who want to play, you can begin the challenge.

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Live Casino Online in 2018 – What to consider?

A Casino in Las Vegas (USA) have something that no online based live casino can achieve. At the famous casino Bellagio you can really breath in the casino-feeling; you feel the playing-chips in your hand and you can actually feel the smell of excitement in the room.

Not the real deal – but almost

The truth is that no online casino gives that feeling. However, the internet has the advantage that you can play anywhere; and at any time. In addition, the game normally plays out faster and the jackpots are also bigger!

Playing on a live casino online is as close to the real deal you can come! The quality and feel of the game also increases very quickly. So what actually is a live casino online? It’s actually very simple. You are invited to a casino studio where you can virtually follow the game, for example, a blackjack table. Just like at Bellagio, you get a dealer who shares real cards. You can make your bet in real time. The dealer is usually very social and talking to you and your fellow players. If you have questions, or just want to talk, you can type something  in the chat. Live casino are offered in many different languages; Mostly the language spoken is of course English, but for example some German casinos also offer tables with German-speaking dealers.

Many of the negative aspects of online casinos disappear

If you choose to click on one of our links and register on a casino 2018 at http://newcasino.casino/ you will be offered a wide selection of different live casinos to play at. Many of the negative aspects of online casinos disappear when you get the chance to play live. Suddenly you will be welcomed in a totally different way; and you can talk through the live-chat with a real casino-dealer. She answers any questions you may have,and also divides your cards.  it It is  also good to chat with other players. The social part of a live casino is almost as good as it is on a real casino; in this sense.

Give Live Casino a try?

At the same time, it’s a real physical person who shares your cards, spins the ball or takes your lost money. In addition, everything looks like a real casino; with colors and furniture, except for the fact that you actually only playing classic casino games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat. The most important thing is to like what you’re doing, and know how it will affect you. Why not give Live Casino a try? We think you’ll really like it.

Top 3 Online-Casinos in August to check out!


JackpotCity is an online casino established in 1998 and based on the Microgaming-gaming platform. The casino is operated by Digimedia Ltd and is registered under the jurisdiction of Gibraltar. Because JackpotCity is a part of Digimedia Ltd, we can expect similar services as Riverbelle. The casino has a Vegas-theme, which together with the name gives the impression that you can expect a lot of jackpots. Generally speaking, you’ll be offered a safe and secure casino environment here. Their banking system is protected by a world-renowned e-commerce partner Datacash Ltd; which has been handling transactions since 1997 and has a fraud department that ensures that players’ information is protected and kept confidential.



Rizk offers an exciting gaming experience that includes some of the biggest games provided by the industrys leading game makers. They have also looked extra at different rewards and prices. In addition to sales-free free spins, you can play on “Wheel of Rizk” where you can win real money, free spins and jackpots.

Rizk Online Casino was released in early 2016 and immediately won players and critics’ hearts. Never before has an online casino had such an impressive launch right from the start. The pressure was intense and the casino has grown big in record time. The impressive success is due to Rizk’s focus on players and user-friendliness. From signing up, players receive a generous welcome-bonus, and the possibility to spin the awesome !Wheel of Rizk! All you need to know right now though, is that you have come to a very good casino!


As part of the prestigious 888 Holdings PLC Group, 777 is a company with very good reputation. It is the sister site of world-famous 888casino, and a leading casino in a Las Vegas style. Players in Britain, Canada, Europe and more have been attracted to 777 in search of entertainment in true retro-style. Here the slot machines, card games, table games, video poker games and live casino games compete with each other. Players will experience a fantastic range of real money games, never more than a button press away. The casino games are divided into 4 categories; Card games, live casino, roulette, slot machines and jackpots. In these broad game categories there are a host of attractions waiting to be experienced.
777 offers best sound and graphics and smooth gaming sessions. The live casino games are especially exciting and the VIP arena is the best of the bunch!

Release party!

Today we had the release party for New-Casino.org! It was only me and my two colleagues but it was so much fun. It was probably not a regular release party. Instead we sat down and did a lot of research for new casino sites as well as wrote a lot of content. It is so much fun to write about casinos and discuss different game experiences. These days there are a lot of differences between casinos. Many new casino sites try to find a nisch in the market to make them unique. Therefore we have seen a lot of so called adventure casinos where you will collects points, trophies and simliar things that you later can exchange for casino bonuses, free spins, chances to win a trip and much more. It is fun to see what all these new sites has to offer and what there competitive advantage is. On this website we will focus on the ones that we like to most. The new casinos that we recommend most deliver something new to the market. It should not just be a copy-paste of something that is already existing. A new casino also need to offer very good bonuses. In best case scenario, a new type of bonus. During the past few years we have seen many new types of casino bonuses enter the market. For example super spins, cash spins, real spins and much more. They are often worth much more or the free spins are without wagering requirement so look for these extraordinary good deals.