Release party!

Today we had the release party for! It was only me and my two colleagues but it was so much fun. It was probably not a regular release party. Instead we sat down and did a lot of research for new casino sites as well as wrote a lot of content. It is so much fun to write about casinos and discuss different game experiences. These days there are a lot of differences between casinos. Many new casino sites try to find a nisch in the market to make them unique. Therefore we have seen a lot of so called adventure casinos where you will collects points, trophies and simliar things that you later can exchange for casino bonuses, free spins, chances to win a trip and much more. It is fun to see what all these new sites has to offer and what there competitive advantage is. On this website we will focus on the ones that we like to most. The new casinos that we recommend most deliver something new to the market. It should not just be a copy-paste of something that is already existing. A new casino also need to offer very good bonuses. In best case scenario, a new type of bonus. During the past few years we have seen many new types of casino bonuses enter the market. For example super spins, cash spins, real spins and much more. They are often worth much more or the free spins are without wagering requirement so look for these extraordinary good deals.