What are Free Spins?

All sports and hobbies are associated with a particular set of slang words or jargon that’s unique to them- gambling is no different. Very often, gamblers tend to use standard gambling terms that may be Greek and Latin to you. FreeSpins is one of them- so let’s walk through this new world to get an idea of what it means.

What a freespin is

The word free indicates that you get a chance to spin for free on a slot game without paying for it. The catch, however, is that you have to make a deposit first. When you deposit a certain amount of money, you get a certain amount of free spins.

A No deposit freespin entitles you to freespins without having to make a deposit. Wondering why casinos would do that? It’s a way for casinos to attract new customers and get them to create accounts with them; the moment you create an account, you can use your No deposit freespins. Casinos also reward loyal players who play only in their casino and add a bunch of free spins to their accounts.

Sometimes free spins are awarded either as part of a promotion or as a bonus. If the new slot is launched, there’s likely to be lots of developments that give freespins to players. Sometimes the festive season also heralds free spins. If the free spins are part of a promotion, they are converted either into bonus money or turned into cash. Players can keep the winnings they get during a particular time slot.

what are free spins

What’s the catch with free spins?

Casinos give freespins to encourage players to sign up and make a deposit, and if players feel it’s worth it, they come back again. If you win with free spins (which cost you nothing), the winnings are added to your account. So every set of freespins that casinos give players cost them small amounts, but over time, these add up to become significant. That’s why they have wagering requirements- a sort of protective mechanism that reduces the risk factor a little bit for the casinos.

Some casinos (these are very rare), do not have any wagering requirements and you’re allowed to withdraw all the winnings you earned from your free spins. Casinos that do so learn to look past the short-term and are prepared to lose small amounts if it’s going to keep a player coming to their casino.

Are freespins worth it?

Free spins is a great way just to see and experience the full range of games that are available. You have an opportunity to enjoy your slot and also try new ones and win money in the bargain without risking your own. When you use the free spins, whatever deposit you made remains intact. Many Online casinos offer free spins as a welcome bonus, and you can always use those to your advantage. A great website about this topic is http://casino-casino.uk/. Be sure to check them out for new casino sites 2018.
Enjoy the freespins the best you can.